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International relocations

Drenth is well equipped to execute international relocations, regardless of whether it's inside or outside of Europe.

Within Europe
For relocations to countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Great Britain we always use our own equipment. We are familiar with the local circumstances and can assist with the customs clearance papers to for example Switzerland. For relocations to poorly accessible destinations we work with our own local agents. We provide a detailed inventory and label the items with numbers. This creates a clear structure. During relocations within Europe, the same crew usually loads and off-loads the items. During off-loading, the items and furniture are brought to their specific rooms. The owner usually unpacks the boxes, putting everything in the right place.If preferred, the crew can assemblethe disassembled furniture.
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Outside of Europe
For relocations between two continents, usually steel sea containers or wooden boxes are used. The items are loaded by Drenth and off-loaded by a foreign mover at the destination. We are part of a large international network of reliable moving companies. We know how to package and ship your items in a seaworthy manner. We have the right contact persons within container shipping companies, customs authorities and reliable local movers overseas, and employ specifically trained multilingual personnel which supervises the relocation continuously.

Given that the items can be moved around a lot during the loading and off-loading of the airplanes or ships, we ensure that your items are packaged professionally and securely. Prior to the relocation, the small items are put in boxes and the clothes are put in wardrobe boxes. Valuable items, particularly paintings or antique, are professionally packed. We may even put them in special wooden crates. You can decide to do it partly by yourself, or to let us do everything for you. If preferred, the mover can also disassemble the large pieces of furniture.

We can discuss anything and do everything. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can call us at+31(0)294 - 251 200or you can send us a message.


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